Terms & Conditions

Pricing and Orders

We offer a specialized and bespoke laser cutting and design service.
Pricing is based on a factors including material cost, laser time, design, assembly and file preparation considerations. We are open about our pricing and communicate cost before completing a project.
Prices for repeat orders are subject to change.


We offer a flexible and bespoke service, as such our services may be delayed or unavailable at certain times during the year. There are seasons of peak demand during which our services may not be available. We try to communicate this through email signatures and on our contact page. If you are concerned about availability for your future projects please contact us in advance.
Previous order lead times are no guarantee of future orders being completed within the same time frame/with the same notice period.

Complaints and Returns

We are not responsible for the content and accuracy of client-generated files. We will try to advise you as to the most suitable materials and options for your job, however, we do not accept responsibility for mistakes in artwork/poor selection of materials when these have been entirely specified by the client/customer.
We want to work with you to ensure you get the best result, if you are trying a new material or technique we are happy to do a sample with you for a nominal fee.
We are not responsible for material choices made by the client unless you have directy asked us to advise you about the suitability of a material for a specific application. If we do not have direct experience of a material's suitability for a certain application we will say that we are not in a position to advise and if you proceed with your chosen material you have assumed any/all risk for this choice.
We will accept returns when we have made a mistake in the processing/handling/manufacturing of your file. You will need to prove that you have provided us with written confirmation of the desired specification in order for us to accept a return. In the event of a return we will offer to amend or re cut your order, or refund you the order if appropriate.
We cannot accept returns for bespoke items that have been made to the specification you have provided us with.
We hope that you are happy with the service we provide and we work hard to ensure you are as informed as possible about work you have contracted to us before commencing a job. If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of a job please let us know. Complaints can be directed to fiona@snow.ie


We do not share your personal information or files via third parties. We store any data you share with us on secured hard drives/servers. For more information refer to our privacy policy.

Intellectual Property

If you share your artwork/ip with us we will only us this to your specification. We will not share or reuse your own artwork in any way.
Artwork we generate or design belongs to us unless you have explicitly requested an exclusive design for your own use and have paid in full any charge/license fee agreed for the exclusive use of this work.
We often charge a design/setup fee for bespoke work, payment of such a fee does not grant you exclusive rights to the artwork/form/technique or other associated outcomes of any design work you have contracted to us.
Bespoke work may include use of certain materials, finishes, shapes, functions, effects or other designed elements. Any such work or techniques we generate is entirely the property of Snow Studio Limited and its agents/employees. We do not grant any client exclusive use or rights to any such work unless the client has specifically requested exclusive work and paid any agreed charges/licensing arrangements for our intellectual property.
If we use your logo/artwork/text in conjunction with any technique, shape, form, finish or other designed element that we have generated you are not granted any right to copy our techniques etc.. without our permission, nor are you granted exclusive rights to any such technique. We reserve the right to reuse/reformat/re purpose any associated techniques etc.. in future work with other clients unless you have specifically requested exclusive work and paid any agreed charges/licensing arrangements for our intellectual property.
When you send us artwork we accept in good faith that you have full rights and permissions to use such artwork. We accept no responsibility for processing artwork that have been taken without permission from third parties. We strongly urge all clients to respect the intellectual property of others and to ensure they have requested and received permission to use any artwork/designs/ip that is not their own original or contracted work.
We reserve the right to refuse to copy artwork that belongs to others. We will not copy logos/branding/designs/artwork/etc... that is clearly not the property of the client. We will refuse to copy/modify artwork that a client has sourced from a third party without their permission, this includes, but is not limited to, images found via web image searches, via Instagram, via pinterest or via websites. If you have been inspired by artwork you have seen please share with us and we will advise if we can provide you with a bespoke design.