Privacy Policy and GDRP Compliance

Please be aware that through the course of business and communication we may collect and retain data shared through correspondence which may include your name, contact information and shared files. We keep invoices on record, both digitally and printed copies, which will include the name of the business or individual payee, addresses, total value of order and an itemized specification of the order.
Costumer data and files are stored on secure company computers as well as back up hard drives that are password protected.
When you visit our site, fill out our contact form, contact us through email or do business with us you consent to the use of your information as described in this statement.


By visiting our website certain pieces of data are collected by or server host, and Google Analytics. This information includes location data, IP address and other acrylics data. We do not as a matter of course access or view this cookie information use or it to profile visitors to our site. However, this information is available to us via the dashboards provided by our web hosting providers. All data is anonymized and displayed in graphical form.
Our online store is hosted by Big Cartel, who have their own privacy and cookies policy.

Third Parties and associated services

The data, as outlined above, that we collect will not be shared with third parties.
We do work through and communicate using several businesses and organizations including, but not limited to:
-Google: Email correspondence is stored on googles servers.
-Big Cartel: Our online store is hosted and payment is processed on secure servers by Big Cartel
-Payment options: If you chose to pay us using Paypal or Sumup your payment data will be handled by those services.
-Bank Transfers are handled by AIB
-Social Media: If you follow us on social media such as Facebook, twitter and instagram please be aware that these websites have their own privacy policies.
Please refer to the privacy policies of those companies.

Sharing & using your data for marketing purposes

We do not maintain a mailing list nor would we ever share your information with a third party for the purposes of marketing or for any other reason.
If we establish a mailing list in the future this will be strictly on an opt-in basis and you will not be added without your explicit consent.

Transparency and Retention

If you rather we did not keep your data or wish for us to share with you the specific data we keep, please let us know and we will pass along this information in a reasonable and legally required amount of time.
If you wish to know what sort of data we hold about you, please email and we will respond within 30 days with a full account of the types of data we hold.
At your request we will delete any of your personal data that we hold. Please be aware that certain data (such as invoices and associated financial records) cannot be deleted, however we will always maintain such records in a secure manner.
If we have experienced a breach in our security and your data has been compromised we will inform you within 72 hours.